Summer Fruit Sales

2017 Summer Fruit Sale - Mail order forms and price information will be mailed & online ordering will be available beginning June 26th!

May 24, 2017 - Summer Fruit Sale UPDATE: It has been a difficult spring for our fruit growers!  That is why our ordering will begin a little later this year.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  

We will NOT have a Georgia Peach Sale this year.  The Georgia grower had late freezing temperatures & spring tornados and had their entire crop wiped out.

We will NOT have Colorado Cherries this year either.  Late freezing temperatures in Colorado damaged the majority of the cherry crop so the grower has told us they will not be available to us this year.

                   We will have our Colorado Peaches, Pears & Organic Peach Sale in August!

As many of you know our Summer Fruit Sale is the biggest fundraiser for YFC.  The loss of the Georgia Peaches and the Colorado Cherries is difficult for us but we know God has a plan.  He has always provided for this ministry & we know He will continue to provide! There is a way for you to help us too!  If you have only purchased Georgia peaches in the past, would you consider purchasing Colorado Peaches this year instead?  Our Colorado peaches have always been wonderful & we think you will enjoy them just as much.  By purchasing the Colorado peaches you would really help our ministry and it will be the only chance to buy the freshest peaches from us this summer!!

Colorado Peaches, Pears & Organic Peaches should arrive around the 3rd or 4th week in August.  We will have online ordering as well as a mail in order form.  If you have question; please send emails to: [email protected] or call the office: 507-288-4567 (Mon - Thur. 9am-3pm)

Check the website regularly for any updates.

Pick up location: (same as previous years) - Evangel United Methodist Church, 2645 Broadway Ave N, Rochester