2016 Fall Newsletter



I Once Was Lost . . .

When we lose something of value (car keys, phone, credit card etc.) our instinct is to search & search until what has been lost is found.  We read in the Bible (Luke 19:10) that Jesus “came to seek and save the lost”.

I was “lost” until I became a Christian . . . a Christ follower . . . about 36 years ago. I was living life my way, on my own terms – not hurting anyone, until I understood I was breaking God’s heart. I once was lost until a friend told me about God’s love and His desire to have a friendship with me.

There are 17,894 teens in the Rochester area.  About 20% (3,758) attend church . . . 80% (14,136) don’t.  Rochester Area YFC was established in 1983 by a group of parents & church leaders concerned about area teenagers.  We share a message of hope with thousands of teens every week through our Sunday morning radio ministry on 106.9 KROC-FM, events like Supernight, our Teen Gospel Choir, Middle School Club Ministry, Bible Quizzing, and our Campus Impact Ministry.

Please join us in reaching kids who are open to talk about spiritual things, but refuse to set foot inside a church.  Thank you for reading how you may touch the life of a kid who needs hope!

   Gary Kadansky
   Executive Director

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